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Original Paintings and Jewelry by Amy Koba -
Sedona, AZ


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             The scenery of Sedona Arizona with it's red rocks,
        desert landscapes and variety of wildlife, compels
        me to try to capture this natural beauty on
       canvas.  Although Northern Arizona is my favorite
       subject matter to paint, I have found inspiration
       from a variety of topics and locations.

             My landscape paintings are realistic enough to
        cause the viewer to wonder what is beyond the bend
        in the path or to marvel at the simple beauty of nature.

             I am intrigued by how light and shadow define
        shapes, and sometimes paint nightime landscapes
        with very little light at all.

        Since I moved to Arizona, I noticed all the beautiful
         rocks laying around here.  I  then took up collecting
        and polishing rocks and then had to do something
        with them, so I started wire wrapping them.  I am happy
        with the results and am having a lot of fun doing it.